Wingham Rifle Club report

COMPETITION was from the 500 yard range, and the light winds and clear vision made for some excellent shooting. 

There was a delay until captain Jim Blackmore fixed the computers that operate the electronic targets and then it was game on.

Superior marksmanship from Steve Southwell, Max Purnell, Tony Galati, Tracey Anderson and junior Ronan Moon who broke the record for a 12-year-old shooter, following in the footsteps of his champion shooters mum and dad.

A grade was won by Steve Southwell with a total of 100.16 followed closely by visitor Mike Millen who had another great score of 100.13, then Tony Moon 99.10, Jim Blackmore had a terrific first round of 50.4 for a total of 99.6 and Peter Thurtell on 97.9.

BC grade was taken out by Max Purnell with a wonderful second round of 50.7 for a total of 99.12, just edging out Barry White on 98.4, Chris Barnard on 93.4 and Keith Gleeson 88.7.

Great action in F class A grade with leader of the comp Tony Galati having a perfect second round of 60.4 for a total of 117.5 just missing out on the record still held by Phil Costa. Tracey Anderson had a personal best with a terrific second round of 58.6 for a total of 113.7, followed by Mike Rogerson 110.3 and Phil Costa on 106.4.

F class B grade was very exciting with Ronan Moon taking it out with two strong rounds for a total of 110.2, followed by Rob Bartlett on 107.6, visitor Luke Wangmann having his first shoot and it was a very good effort for a score of 104.3, then another visitor Ryan Bonnefin also a first time shooter for a total of 97.1 and junior Todd Barnard 80.1.

Handicap trophy was won by Ronan Moon.

Next week will be on the 300 metre range.