School thanks bakery

IN a surprise presentation, staff of Wingham Brush Public School showed their appreciation to Pottsy's Bakehouse for their simple offerings. 

Four loaves of bread, three mornings a week for the past two terms have been donated by the busy bakery to the school's breakfast club.

All children have access to toast and vegemite to ensure their tummies are full and they are set up for the day. 

Tracy and Cameron have owned Pottsys for three years, motivated to own their own business so they can make their own decisions. Being in a position to help the school children is exactly the type of choice these small business owners are happy to make. "It's a pleasure to do," said Tracy adding that a few loaves of bread from the more than 70 loaves a day they bake is just a simple gesture.

Phil Rees, principal of the school said the breakfast club is proving popular and is open to everyone with no stigma that the breakfast is just for those kids that might not get breakfast at home. "Some children travel to school quite a distance and might have eaten really early," he explains, suggesting that there are many reasons the breakfast club is such a good idea. Originally thought up by assistant principal Paul McWhirter, it was exiting assistant principal Di Murray that approached Potty's to help. Together with staff Sharon and Vicki, Pottsy's keeps up a steady flow of bread during term time which Tracey suggests is better than junk food.

Di said she had noticed the children were wanting to buy sweets and lollies every morning which has improved now they are having the toast. Phil said he has noticed a curious preference among the children - triangle toast over rectangles, "they seem to think they are getting more," he said, smiling at the often quirky nature of children. At least at Wingham Brush Public School, quirky they might be but hungry they are not.

Di Murray (left) and Phil Rees of Wingham Brush Public School with Tracy Potts of Pottsy's Bakehouse

Di Murray (left) and Phil Rees of Wingham Brush Public School with Tracy Potts of Pottsy's Bakehouse