Manager denies Botha boxing bribe

SONNY Bill Williams' manager, Khoder Nasser, has accused Francois Botha of ''sour grapes'' after the South African boxer claimed he was offered $A150,000 to throw last Friday's fight.

Nasser strongly denied Botha's allegation on Tuesday that he offered him that sum seven days ago in a Brisbane park, ahead of the World Boxing Association title fight that Williams won on points.

Botha, 44, told New Zealand's Radio LiveSport from Durban that he received a phone call from Nasser asking him to be picked up but to be alone. Botha said his mobile phone was confiscated before the offer was made.

''I was being walked [by Nasser], and during this walk, I was offered $150,000 to throw the fight,'' Botha said. ''I just said, 'No, I can't do it'.''

Botha said he confided in a close friend when he returned to his hotel and they decided then to take the matter no further.

There is no suggestion Williams was aware of the alleged offer.

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