Learn to compost

Scraps to Soil: Happy home composters at the recent Wingham Community Garden Scraps to Soil workshop.

Scraps to Soil: Happy home composters at the recent Wingham Community Garden Scraps to Soil workshop.

Do you want to learn to compost and be confident in turning your kitchen and garden scraps into amazing food for your garden and soil? 

MIDWASTE in partnership with MidCoast Council has developed the Scraps to Soil workshop program to help residents get started with composting and worm farming at home. Residents learn how to create rich compost to make their garden grow.

The workshops will cover the value of composting, setting up, managing and maintenance of a compost bin or worm farm, ingredients and how to use compost and trouble-shooting.

Complete the workshop and you’ll be ready to create your own fantastic compost at home.

The two hour workshop will be hands on and you will take home either a compost bin and aerator or a worm farm and worms – all you need to get started at home. There is a $20 registration fee and everything is included. 

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy. 

The next Wingham workshop is coming to the Manning Valley Community Gardens behind the old courthouse in Farquhar Street on October 8 from 1pm to 3pm.

Register at www.midwaste.org.au/composting 

Waste Less, Recycle More

Waste Less, Recycle More provides funding for business recycling, organics collections, market development, managing problem wastes, new waste infrastructure, local councils and programs to tackle illegal dumping and litter. The initiative is funded through the waste levy and is the largest waste and recycling funding program in Australia.

Programs encourage local communities to think differently about waste avoidance, recycling, littering and illegal dumping, and deliver conveniently located, value-for-money waste infrastructure to make it easier for households and business to do the right thing

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