Balancing in rhythm

EARLIER this year the Wingham Akoostik Festival was granted funding from the Country Arts Support Program offered by Regional Arts NSW.

The aim of the grant is to develop the physical theatre aspect of the Akoostik Festival weekend by presenting performances to music composed and directed by local musician Sandra Kwa.

The director and choreographer of the circus troupe is Jill Watkins from Circartus, the cast are Eddi, Freya, Sophie, Ben, Harry, Isobel and Angela whose ages range from seven to 16 years.

The creative development process for the performers included a workshop with Eva Fernandez Adan, a circus artist from Sydney, who encouraged exploring ways music invokes thoughts, feelings and responses physically. These responses transitioned to balance positions and movement, and interpretive expression from the cast.

Their performance piece ‘Balancing Rhythms’ will be presented at the Akoostik Festival at 1pm on both the Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21. Jill and Circartus volunteers will facilitate a playground for circus experimentation on Central Park over the festival weekend, to further nurture interest in circus skills in the Manning Valley.

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