Canteen dream team

HAVING a dedicated volunteer experienced in running a canteen is a school’s fantasy come true. Volunteers enable canteen prices to be kept low and provide students and their parents with a familiar, smiling face.

Wingham High School dream volunteers: Lorraine and Kay

Wingham High School dream volunteers: Lorraine and Kay

Julie, dedicated volunteer at Wingham High School

Julie, dedicated volunteer at Wingham High School

As luck would have it, Wingham High School has a dream team of three such volunteers and the canteen manager, Lynda Nash, knows just how fortunate she is. Between Kay Brauer, Lorraine McGrath and Julie Page they have spent 92 years working tirelessly in the school canteen. Just imagine all those meals they’ve served!

Lorraine McGrath started volunteering at Wingham High’s canteen in 1980 when her children attended the school. Today, she counts herself lucky because she is able to serve her hungry grandchildren who now attend the school. She feels it’s her responsibility to dedicate her time to the school in thanks for the education that her family has received. When she’s not behind the canteen counter – and she wishes to carry on as long as she possibly can – Lorraine is an active member of the Red Cross.

Kay Brauer joined the canteen crew in 1985. She is a full-time working grandmother who finds extra time in her day to volunteer. Seeing her grandchildren at the canteen brightens up her day, and it definitely brightens theirs, because she shouts them a lunch.

Julie Page is another long standing volunteer who also started in 1985. Like the others she has grandchildren at Wingham High School. Dedicated to the school community, Julie also looks after the school farm.

For Wingham High School’s canteen volunteer dream team it’s a pleasure to work alongside one another and have a chat with the students and teachers. They hope to be doing it for many years to come.

A huge thank you goes out to Lorraine, Kay and Julie for providing Wingham High School with a much-needed service, appreciated by all.

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