Women's golf

HELLO to all, we have had a very busy couple of weeks with pennants, open days, birthdays and today our monthly medal day.

We have been having a real struggle with our pennants games, it is a difficult game to play and organise, I truly thank all our willing players for having a go - they have done us all proud. We will continue to try and to just have a fun, long day.

Our travellers had a great day out at Kempsey open day, the ladies were lovely. We wish a big happy birthday to our most fun filled, bubbly golfer Anne O'neill. Anne celebrated a big 70th birthday today - this makes Anne a super vet at golf as she still plays well at golf and bowls - we wish her all the best today.

Finally today we played for the Wingham Headlines monthly medal. Speaking of bowlers we had a special guest who showed she can still swing a club too, having spent most of her time at bowls. Winning today was Denise Polley. It was great to have Denise back and we hope to see her more as she still has plenty of talent and wisdom to give us all about this testing game -cheers to you.

Other results were:

Division one Denise Blanch gross; nett Jo Stinson; division two Janice Surtees gross; nett Dot Clarke runner-up Cheryl Andrews; division three Jeanette Meanwell gross; nett Narelle Smith; putting Beth Braham, Pat Marcus and Sharon Juozaitis - well done Shaz.

Next week we have the lovely Nonney Nelson Trophy.

See you all then.


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