Puppy not camera shy

A CUTE fluffy puppy was the star attraction the day we popped into MR Photography to talk to two work experience students.

Year 10 students Madelyn McKay and Elli Reinhardt, the daughter of studio proprietor Scott, were onto day three of their placement from Wingham High School. 

They had already conducted a photo shoot on each other and said they were able to get a good feel for the camera. Working in the studio enabled Madelyn and Elli to learn more about lighting and have access to professional equipment.

Rescue puppy Mia didn't look camera shy and happily allowed us to photograph her as the students prepared for the shoot.

Madelyn said that she was enjoying learning all she could while at the studio.

Her perceptions have been changed and she is more aware now of the little details that go into creating a good photo. Far from putting her off, Madelyn said the experience has made her keener than ever to pursue her interest in photography. Having recently directed the school play, directing a photo shoot - even if it was with a very young dog - came quite naturally to Madelyn.

For Elli the experience was a little different. She said she found working with her father hard although she did admit it was fun and a little crazy.

A gifted drawer, Elli said her ambitions extended more towards primary school teaching or acting.

After working with their images the girls learnt to edit them and do photo restoration work. Studio owner Scott said he would definitely offer placements to work experience students again but would advise against working with your own daughter. "I wouldn't do that again," he laughs.

MR Photography The Portr-Art Studio has just moved into new premises at 1059 Wingham Road, Wingham.

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