Authentic experience

LAST week year 10 students at Wingham High School were learning to think on their feet.

Victoria Lee was one of those students who came up close and personal with an interviewing panel and the real world experience of having to sell her skills to strangers. She was part of the Authentic Assessment program, now in its second year at the school. A member of the community joins forces with a teacher and a year nine student to form an interviewing panel. 

For Victoria, her love of horses and cattle and her amazing achievements within the agricultural field did not stop the panel asking about her dyslexia. They were of course curious about how this has affected her school life and how she has overcome it. Victoria said she hadn't been expecting these questions but welcomed the enquiry. 

Community member and retiree, Keith Bedggood interviewed Victoria and said the tough interviews were good for the student to get used to such situations in school time. He said the students get good experience and gain confidence in their own ability. 

For the year nine student, in this case Nikita Gallagher, being part of the panel gives a glimpse of what they can expect next year when it is their turn. 

As for Victoria she said she felt good presenting her work and found the waiting beforehand more scary than the actual interview. She cited receiving instant feedback about her performance as a positive and called the exercise a "confidence booster."

The interviewing panel deemed her performance "outstanding."

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