Rifle shooting

COMPETITION was from the 300 metre range and it was good weather for the shooters with little wind and clear vision of targets.

There were visitors competing with club members, father and daughter Mike and Emily Millen from Sydney Mosman club. Mike Millen was able to defeat Emily by one point but she won on centres.

Jessica Saunders a two year medical student from the University of Melbourne was having her first shoot and finished with a super score.

Competition was fierce in F class with very small margins in scores.

Our juniors in F class had very good scores, and Tracey Anderson scored a personal best in the second round.

A grade was won by Tony Moon 97.9, followed by Mike Millen 96.6 , then Jim Blackmore on 94.5.

Junior visitor Emily Millen won BC grade with 95.7 beating seniors Chris Barnard on 93.5 and Keith Gleeson 93.5.

F class A was won by Mike Rogerson who had an excellent first round of 59.1 just one point short of perfect score for a total of 113.3, then Phil Costa 111.3, Tracey Anderson with a superior second round of 57.5 for a total of 110.9 and Bev Rogerson with 107.4.

F class B was won by Rob Bartlett with two very strong rounds for a total of 114.7, followed by Gordon Higgins 108.4, Jessica Saunders 107.2. Then followed the juniors, Ronan Moon with a terrific second round of 53.1 for a total of 102.2, Todd Barnard on 99.2 and Mitch Hobbs on 88.

The handicap trophy was won by Todd Barnard.

Next week will be 400 metres.

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